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Three-gun world

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Welcome to the world of imagination, ingenuity, intelligent life forms, and some Aliens. Welcome to the three-gun world. Here at urban armory our passion is to share as much valid information as possible, while enhancing urban life.

This was our purpose in looking into the three-gun culture. We at Urban Armory firmly believe that high level living is centered around competency. SO, we figured what better way to find out if you are competent with self-defense shooting than with some competitive shooting. Listed below are the major parameters we were looking for.

The competition had to always be centered around firearm safety. The Competition had to be realistic, in the sense of how self-defense really presents itself. No standing in a quiet place shooting at some boring ass stationary round target.

The competition had to be dynamic. The shooter must incorporate movement while engaging various types of targets. The targets must be of various sizes, distances, and movement. NOONE stands still and waits to get shot!

The Competition had to incorporate reloading your “tool” and clearing malfunctions. A self-defense encounter will likely require you to be able to do one or both of these functions.

The Competition had to include transitioning between different firearms. Another important skill in self-defense situations. The Competition had to be based overall on the fastest time. In self-defense encounters, the winner is ALWAYS the one who is the fastest, with accurate engagements!

Finally, the competition culture must have some of the FRIENDLIEST, COOLEST people you will ever meet! Like, “you can borrow my gun,” cool!!!

Since you, like us may be new to the three-gun world, let us give you a very brief history of the sport. 3-Gun competitions, with handguns, rifles and shotguns have been organized in the United States since at least the Soldiers of Fortunes, starting in 1979 in Missouri, (2022, Wikipedia). The largest multi-gun sanctioning bodies in the United States are the United States practical Shooting Association (USPSA) or 3-Gun Nation - Home | Facebook (3GN), (2022, Wikipedia).

Some of the largest annual events include the Brownells Rock Castle Pro Am 3-Gun Championship. The USPSA Multi-gun championship. The Rocky Mountain 3-gun, the DPMS Tri- Gun Challenge, the Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun (SMM3G), and the Larue Tactical Multi-gun Championship. Last but certainly not least the Texas 3-Gun Championship.

So what the heck, off we go to see what 3 gun is all about. A few hours of driving and jaw dropping views of the Texas hill country, took us to Reveille Peak Ranch home of the Republic 3 Gun club, that occurred the last weekend in March, and the upcoming 2022 Texas 3-gun championships in April.

Did I tell how friendly the 3-gun community is. We arrived to the first station, during an active qualifying session. Within 15min we had met most everyone, we where following, had a list of gear to get us started, and an invitation for burgers and beers afterwards WOW!

For the Republic 3-gun club competition, there were four different stations, each with different shooting scenarios. As an example, here is a description of the stage we encountered while everyone was welcoming us. The entire shooting area is about as long as football field and about as wide, with the shooter positioned in the middle.

The first station consisted of four shotgun targets on the starting line on each side of the shooter about 10 yards away. The second station consisted on four more shotgun targets about 15yards ahead of the shooter and about 15yards away from center of the course.

The next station another 15yards ahead of the previous station and consisted of 6 human silhouette steel targets positioned at various distances from the center of the course.

The distances ranged from 10 to 25yards from the shooting position and from 5 to 15 yards on both sides of the shooting position, creating a “V like” pattern. The last station was four more silhouette steel targets located at various distances ranging from 50 to 75 yards from and 10 to 20 yards on each side of a sharply inclined shooting platform located at the original starting line. MAN, I’m tired just typing the description!

Match Staff
Photo Credit Republic 3 Gun

Now the fun really begins. The range master, who is also looking for shooters to violate any number of safety rules resulting in disqualification, also gives the starting signal from the time keeping unit.

So, to give you a visual, the range master runs behind the shooter during the entire session along with a videographer, looking for violations.

Beep and we are off! Shooter must shoot down the first eight targets, before moving to the next position.

The shooter then runs to the next eight targets and shoot them down, before moving to the next position.

Before the shooter hauls ass, the shooter must safely place their shotgun in a holding barrel. Then they run to the next station.

At station three each shooter must place 2 shots on each of the six steel targets, with their pistol then holster it, before moving to the final station.

You got it. Since the last station is at the starting line, the shooter must run back uphill by the way, to the final station. At the final station the shooter must place 2 shots on each of the remaining four steel targets from an inclined

shooting position.

Weapons must be cleared by the shooter

in front of range master, before the shooter can leave the final station.

During each station, the shooter must generally reload each firearm and sometimes clear malfunctions. All while to trying to “beat the clock”. All of this activity was typically done in wait for it, wait for it! Around 100 seconds! Everyone was still very nice even while sucking air after completing their run!

We are hooked! As far as we are concerned, there is no better place to assess your self-defense abilities than watching or better yet participating in a 3-gun match. We are looking forward meeting up with Morris and rest the of Republic 3-gun club, in the near future. Hope to see you at the Texas 3-gun championship as well.

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