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About us

“Tip of the spear”


We would like to introduce you to the premier website for Urban Information networks. 

Urban Armory is that place.

Urban armory’s primary purpose is to provide a platform for high frequency people, and networks to receive and transmit metaphysical information related to all things dealing with urban living in an ever more chaotic world.


Our founders have invested well over twenty years researching the devolution of modern-day urban society and solutions to live a safe and heathy life in it.


Now that we have acquired such valuable information it was only natural that we would share it.



Try as we did, there was no place for like-minded people or networks to share information.


Urban Armory is the solution to this problem.


The Urban Armory is a platform designed where metaphysical scholars can share blogs and or articles  for our conscience urban community to receive and use.

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Watch as the information unfolds

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