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Beans, Bullets, and Bull$hit

So those of us who pay attention to what is REALLY going on can surmise that most of what you see on the Tell-a-lie-vision is a hot load of shhhiiiiitttt.... without going down the rabbit whole of the Twitter Twistery, the farce in the Book of Faces and the Cancel News Network here at the Urban Armory we talk about what is REALLY Relevant. Have you seen the price of gas across the nation, rising interest rates and the fake-ass student loan forgiveness?

At the time of this post raise your virtual hand if you are scratching your heads laughing at those folks who actually think they are going to get a big chunk of change after all of the current administration's stimulus check stickup that millions of Americans took payment for in lieu child tax credits. Now legitimately some folks needed that monthly stipend to keep the home stead afloat. How many took that change and instead of preparing for this nightmare march to Megiddo (for those of you who don't know this story....) this is where the battle is supposed to go down.

As the propaganda spreads and we struggle to keep food on the table for our families a suggestion or two if you are still reading....Take stock of your Beans, Bullets, and your Band-Aids this is not a drill.

The water is boiling and while the rest of the world slowly is lulled into an abysmal stupor behind that next jab-ba-daba-do those of you who are virtuous and live on the fringes of this collapsing society it's time to re-up on your preps and if you can partner up, boo up, and huddle up your ranks and get off the dam grid stat. Don't let these false prophets of propaganda steer you wrong. Take a Benjamine and hit up the dollar store it's more like a $1.25 store but you get what I mean. Be inconspicuous about your movements because the 2nd is trying to give the side-eye to folks like our community about being prepared as if her and the hubs are coming to do anything for you. When Maryjane is being legalized even for the folks in blue and congress is about make daylight savings time permanent, we can conclude the world that we have known is really over and you are living in a post apocalyptic world. By the way....can we talk about what that word REALLY means; An apocalypse, translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.

Okay now that I am over that rant, can we address the elephant in the room, ARE YOU READY. Are you also ready for those who will inevitably come to use you as a safety net for their lack of preparation? You are losing the race if you have not prepared for you and your family it only takes a few more items that you stick up in the cabinet and don't use it.

We don't have sponsors, so we are not endorsing anyone or anything suffice to say you might get your ass off the couch and get it together the "supply chain" Is allegedly backed up...and in shambles....

So, you have no time to waist, the stores shelves are looking really reckless right about now. You have about 18.3% less buying power than even 3 months ago. A suggestion look into food Coops , Farmers Markets, and Food Share Programs. Other avenues of back up food are Damaged Goods Grocery Stores and don't count out Big Lots and Aldi's and Farmers Markets to stock up on root veggies and fresh produced that is likely fresher and organic. It's always a great idea to store heirloom seeds and learn how to grow your own veggies. Most of this you know however; if you are new to this lifestyle click the highlighted links to do your own research and the next time you get some good intel bring it back so we can archive it in the repository.

Be well and remember "You don't own it, if you CAN'T protect it. "

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