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It's no surprise to those who choose to pay attention the health of the United States financial system is in dire straits. The BRICS nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa have a coalition to trade currency from their nations backed up with the Natural Resources and subsidized with Gold. The advent of this smart money moves is a direct threat to America holding her place as the World Reserve Currency.

You may know or perhaps you are completely oblivious to the real danger of how this vastly impacts your ability to buy and or sell goods, services, or live the lifestyle you have become accustomed to living. The status of World Reserve Currency is a HUGE seat of power in the global power paradigm. So how do you circumvent and prepare for the foreseeable future? Swift and definitive ACTION.

If you are willingly capable of getting off your ass and save some vestiges of a future for you and your family, you NEED to move and not sit on your hands and wait for help that is NOT coming.

The powers that be want to and are in a death march to control your financial freedom, watch what you buy, who you do business with, and how you are saving. All under the guise of "threats to national security, money laundering, and a host of other shenanigans the average person NEVER considers or likely has no clue on where to begin.

A quick search on an internet browser gets you just about any information you are looking for. The validity of the information and the progenitor of the information is suspect at best and inaccurate at a minimum. Why is this important and how does this relate to crypto currency well, let me tell you.

Most of you have heard of Bitcoin, the being in the caption above is the CEO and Founder of Blackrock Larry Fink. For years Fink and his cronies talked really reckless about Bitcoin however according to the information in the "public domain," he has changed his position on Bitcoin stating, "Bitcoin's performance, in particular, has defied skeptics, with its price movements and the influx of retail investors catching many off guard. " I would never have predicted it before." Rahma, B. 28, March 2024 Here's Everything BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Said About Bitcoin ( The Crypto community gives a big side eye to the new statements from Fink in light of the fact that not so long ago he called Bitcoin, " an index of money laundering." Larry Fink. CoinDesk August 2023.

Crypto currency in its inception was allegedly a financial vehicle allowing for a means for a decentralized medium of exchange circumventing the watchful eye of the "banking system," and all of the other 3rd party folks with their hands in the midst of your financial freedom.

So where does the conspiracy come in... well when the CEO of the largest Asset Manager in the United States does a complete about face regarding his position on Cryptocurrency you need to take notice and start asking question.

Fink has also succeeded in the adoption of a Bitcoin ETF so is this a good thing or a very bad thing... time will tell in my humble opinion Anything that Blackrock has its hands in is a VERY BAD, like all the BAD situations.

Here is an example for you to understand, those of you who follow the crypto information have likely seen their spots on YouTube where Larry Fink and his contemporary Micheal Saylor of MicroStrategy a Shepard of the Sheeple bait and switch the public on "doubling," their crypto investments.

MY Ass....these two firms are buying up Crypto and exchanging your crypto for ETF which are Exchange Traded Funds. Why is this bad...."an ETF is simply a traditional investment vehicle, with bitcoin as the asset. Openly traded on a "Regulated Stock Exchange, via a REGULATED Broker."

Crypto was NOT designed to be a regulated exchange of currencies. In my opinion this was a hijack of the ACTUAL Bitcoin for an even more volatile regulated "stock instrument," subject to the manipulation of the financial industry. This is diametrically opposed to the purpose of decentralized currency and... a road for the power brokers to continue the control of our financial system. Fink and Saylor are likely laughing all the way to their Crypto Cold Wallets.

The majority of the public have minimal knowledge about cryptocurrency and know even less about the stock market. It is my opinion that Fink, and Saylor are Laundering cryptocurrency in reverse, how often have you heard this request send "US," at least .01 of cryptocurrency in the form of Bitcoin and or Ethereum and "we will double your amount from "ANY," exchange back to your account immediately." What you are receiving back is the ETF, NOT the ACTUAL double of the Cryptocurrency as they are telling you.

If you fell for this Bullshit, you fell for the ultimate bait and switch, this is reminiscent of the Buyback of Gold back in 1934 under the Gold Reserve Act of 1934.

Franklin Delanor Roosevelt enacted this shenanigan, outlawing private possession of Gold (legal money under the United States Constitution) FDR's law ordered the buyback of privately owned gold from the public and businesses at a discount. The administration then transferred the Gold from the Federal Reserve to the US Treasury effectively undermining the people's ability to hold REAL Money. The President changed gold from a currency to a commodity Manipulated the price of Gold effectively increasing the financial power of the United States at the expense of the people...Sound similar....

Side note you might want to brush up on FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING....

Now let's talk about the Puppet administration and the Puppet in Chief issuing an executive order on Cryptocurrency.

As the Oracle would say "you have to make your own damm mind up," Read the link below and decide for yourself.

Here's the Full Text of Biden's Executive Order on Cryptocurrency ( Spoiler the Powers that be ALWAYS do, they enact foolishness to protect their own interest. If you are not familiar with CBDC you need to learn what a Central Bank Digital Currency is NOW !!!!. CBDC's are the new digitized fiat currency.

So here's the deal I don't have time to catch you up on why this is bad but if you'd like the back story behind the US banking system you might want to go back in time and read The Creature from Jeckell Island.

The end all to be all is simple, the government DOES NOT want you to have control over your own money. Cryptocurrency and the blockchain were designed to give you the ability to see transactions on a blockchain ledger so no funny business is happening. Anyone with a public address can verify the transaction while it allows you to keep your anonymity. Much like I don't want someone monitoring if I am purchasing pudding or pistols, I don't want the government in my pocket.

The 4th Amendment of the Constitution "allegedly," protects us from Unreasonable Search and Seizures now granted this is pushing the envelope however it feels like our freedoms are vanishing before our eyes.

I would be remised if I did not offer Solutions now mind you, I am NOT a financial advisor however... real talk in order to stay a step ahead of the devil you need to stay abreast of their deeds. NO, that was NOT a Freuding slip.

So now is not the time to be lazy least you suffer the consequences of lack of preparation. Divest the nest, DO not go out and buy 10 stocks and consider this as divested, just like you put certain groceries in the pantry and some in the fridge and the others in the freezer same difference with your livelihood.

  1. First and foremost, get your mind right! Now that you have your ish together

  2. Get a plan and stick to it and KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. You don't want ANYONE you don't know, love, and trust up in your business.

  3. Get over it you are going to need to be able to play so get yourself some crypto currency....I'll wait. Yes, do your research a suggestion is get on YouTube University and start watching some reputable crypto channels such as Virtual Bacon, the Coin Bureau, Lark Davis, and Ncashofficial they have the most up to date and thoroughly researched information. (We do not get ANY sponsorship! We are just sharing information.

  4. Buy some Gold and Silver NOW while it is still somewhat affordable. Stay up to date on the price of silver and gold on KITCO it is considered a reliable source.

  5. Get storable food, have you seen how much the cost of food is lately milk in 2020 averaged $3.31. Milk at the time of this article in May 2024 is now, $3.85 and $4.32

  6. Be committed to PROTECTING your family and your provisions at all costs.

Don't let the Cryptospiracy keep you in the dark ages, playing around with the safety of your family's future and financial stability will end very badly for you. Do your own research, use your discernment, get out of your cognitive dissonance and move now. When you know better you do better...DO BETTER.

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