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The Urban Armory

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Knowledge is Powerful...used


Hi family welcome to the Urban Armory, as you may have read in the about us section the founders of the Urban Armoy have completed an exhaustive search of the YouTube and accessible information to find a central location for people to share information about preparedness, firearms training, world news, and how this affects our families, in our community.

As most of you are aware there is copious amounts of information about preparing, from the Proverbs of a Virtuous Woman down to hit and miss preparedness communities. Guess what… GREAT 😊

The purpose of the Urban Armory is to compile this information and share it out to the family, we cannot know everything about everything, but a little bit of knowledge is better than no knowledge at all. Compiled a little bit of knowledge from the subject matter experts amounts to a Library or an Armory

So, what is an Armory, according to Merriam Webster’s online dictionary

1. Armory-a collection of available resources

We DO NOT sell any form of firearms!
We ARE NOT affiliated with the Military!
We DO NOT manufacture any firearms.

We will provide access to information, our supply of arms for defense is KNOWLEDGE.

We will collect available resources for the betterment of the family. We are inviting subject matter experts who have superior skills and information of value to share with the community to make us all a stronger, and more prepared community.

The knowledge we are seeking runs the gamut of relevant information. The founders here have various spectrums of knowledge, we have traveled to like-minded events from persons of all walks and backgrounds to get the training to keep our camp up to date on relevant knowledge.

We have purpose behind this process, you can get the information just about anywhere, in most cases this is information that the average member of our community will never see, does not understand the REAL importance of the days we are living in.

We understand in our community it is helpful when the information comes from someone who looks like you, understands the struggles in our communities and how often the information we do receive is watered down, and our communities get it last if at all.

As a community we have allowed our political opinions to get in the way, we march and pray for causes that are orchestrated against us and not for us.

We castrate people with knowledge and fail one another as a TRUE community.

We are not interested in political opinions; at the end of the day those parties are more likely birds of the same feather! We ARE NOT a political organization; we are not advocating for issues that only serve a certain demographic.

We love to hear about ways to help, there is ONE thing that is VERY IMPORTANT, in the days ahead you will not make it easily thru this ensuing chaos on your own.

It takes a community of like-minded people to provide guidance, just like word of mouth can tear down a community solid information can save a community.

Look for additional information to come, we are excited to bring this to the community, we hope other groups will share information as we will also, this is about creating a COMMUNITY NETWORK to stay armored up, when you have nothing else, access to information can sustain you and your family. We are giving FISHING LESSONS, not just passing out fish!

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